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A Volunteer’s Story

Sarah“As I was leaving the courtroom after a recent hearing with Megan, it dawned on me that I had been her CASA volunteer for exactly four years that month. I turned to her and I said,

“Megan, do you realize that we have been together exactly four years this month?”

She turned to me and said “Really? I told my caseworker on the way to court today that you were just like my mom, only better. You’ve never left me.”

I was overcome with a mixture of emotions. First was love, for this girl who wants nothing more than to have a permanent family and someone to love. Next was shame, for all of the times I have thought to myself, “I don’t have time to go to court today!” Then I felt anger and pity, for the mother who will never know what a precious child she gave birth to and how hard she has made this child’s life.

In four years, Mary has had more homes, caregivers, caseworkers, therapists, and doctors than she can count, but I’ve remained one of the few constants in this child’s life. I promise you I will continue to serve this child as long as I have the privilege, regardless of how busy I think my life is.

Jessica Shull
Volunteer Advocate